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Deb began practice here in April of 2019, and brings her wonderfully spiritual healings to the greater New Boston area. 


The emotional and physical traumas that you have experienced in your life and the day to day stresses of family, work, money and relationships can take a toll on your body, mind and spirit. These things can cause blockages in your energy or “chi”. When the normal flow of energy is blocked, this is when you

experience “dis-ease”. In energy medicine, the practitioner uses gentle touch to help remove blockages to restore your body’s balance, promote healing, and help bring feelings of relaxation and peace.

Deb has a B.A. in Biology and spent 25 years as a Research Scientist in Academia and the Biotech Industry. In 2013, a Reiki certification class sparked her interest in Energy Medicine.  Over the next few years she became a Reiki Master and a Certified Crystal Healer. She is also a graduate of the Rhys Thomas Institute of Energy Medicine. There she was trained in Full Spectrum Healing and learned techniques to assist individuals in discovering their unique gifts and true purpose in life. Her goal is to help them shed the mask that prevents them from living up to their highest potential and live life fully with joy and passion. She is continually looking for opportunities to expand her knowledge and abilities to help accomplish this goal. Deb uses a unique combination of healing techniques during each session to address her client’s needs at that particular time. She is married, has five children and lives in

Francestown, NH.


"What lies behind you and what lies in front of you, pales in comparision to what lies inside you."

- Ralph Waldo Emerson 

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